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Concrete Waterproofing
waterproofing concrete roofs
Concrete waterproofing is a necessity of home construction and is not to be confused with damp proofing. The difference between damp proofing and concrete Waterproofing is a drainage system. Under the international residential code, all foundations must have a drainage system installed. Any coating or membrane with a drainage system installed (and meeting thickness guidelines) are considered concrete Waterproofing products. drainage system for concrete waterproofing
drainage system for concrete waterproofing


Why Concrete Waterproofing is Needed? concrete coatings waterproofing It is extremely important for concrete waterproofing to protect your home from moisture damage for the simple fact that, on one side of your foundation wall is cold wet soil and the other side, your family. Keeping moisture off your foundation wall and out of your home is the job of concrete waterproofing. However, most concrete waterproofing products only do half the job and can actually cause problems for your home as opposed to preventing them. It's the hidden or unthought-of parts of concrete waterproofing that make the difference between the different concrete waterproofing products.


Concrete Waterproofing Questions concrete waterproofing equipment Before you purchase or apply your concrete waterproofing material, be informed and ask yourself these questions.
  • Is there any special concrete waterproofing equipment or tools required?
  • Is the concrete waterproofing weather material dependant?
  • Is the concrete waterproofing environmentally friendly?
  • Will your concrete waterproofing degenerate or dissipate into the soil within 5-15 years?
  • Will the concrete waterproofing last as long as my home?
  • How will alkalines in concrete affect the concrete waterproofing?
  • Does your concrete waterproofing remove headwater pressure?
  • Does the concrete waterproofing allow moisture within my home to escape or does it trap it inside?
  • Can it bridge gaps in your foundation wall without affecting performance?
  • Will the concrete waterproofing crack with your foundation wall once applied?
  • How long is the warranty?


What is the Best Concrete Waterproofing? waterproofing membrane for concrete
The best concrete waterproofing available is concrete waterproofing product listing dimpled membrane. Why concrete slab waterproofing membrane is considered the best concrete waterproofing available is:

  • Allows your home to breathe by keeping external moisture out and allowing internal moisture to escape
  • Is not weather dependant
  • Does not require any special concrete waterproofing equipment or tools
  • The E.P.A. estimates it will last 300 years buried
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • It's unaffected by alkalines in concrete and soils
  • It removes 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure off the face of a foundation wall
  • Bridges gaps and cracks effortlessly without affecting performance
  • Allows your home to sift and settle without affecting performance
  • Can be backfilled right away
  • Starts working for you right away (no curing time)
  • Has a 40 year NO LEAK warranty
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waterproofing membrane


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