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Basement Waterproofing
Basement waterproofing is one of the most important factors in new home construction however, it is probably the most neglected or least thought about. The right basement waterproofing material can lengthen the life of your home as well as provide protection you never thought you would need.


Inside Basement Waterproofing
inside waterproofing basement
Your basement waterproofing material and your foundation wall spend there entire existence underground. They are always exposed to the constant bombardment of hydrostatic headwater pressure, capillary action, shifting and settling earth, alkalines in soils and concrete as well as a host of other issues. When you add all these factors together along with the fact that 66% of all foundations crack within the first year and forms that are commonly pulled off to early weakening the concrete, it's no surprise that the most common problem inspector's find in homes less than 12 years old, is basement leaks.
leaking basement


Basement Waterproofing Costs basement waterproofing contractors The basement waterproofing cost varies depending on the size of the house. Below is an explanation of how much it costs for basement waterproofing and how much it costs for new home construction. The calculations do not include the price of the land.
  • Typical basement waterproofing spray on coating can range from $200-$2000. However, history has shown us that this is not the best basement

  • Waterproofing a basement with basement waterproofing new construction drainage
                                costs about 0.5%-1% of the price of your home.
A house with a 1300 square foot 1st level and a 700 foot 2nd level with 3 bedrooms will cost approximately $70 per square foot.
1300 + 700 x $70 = $140,000

If this house also has a basement, it will cost about:
$30 x 1300 square feet for an unfinished basement ($39,000) or
$50 x 1300 square feet for a finished basement ($65,000) (Do it yourself)

A finished basement adds considerable value to your home while leaking basements can decrease your home's value by 10-15% right off the top, finished or not.

Don't cut corners on your basement waterproofing. Your foundation wall is the most important part of your home. Having to fix your foundation wall due to poor basement waterproofing can not only cost thousands of dollars but it is the hardest and most complicated repair. When choosing your basement waterproofing products consider how they work, what benefits they offer, their ability to stand the test of time and if they allow your home to breathe.


Basement Waterproofing Quick Facts basement waterproofing walls

  • There is about 16,000 cubic miles of moisture and 2,000,000 cubic miles of ground water in our soil.

  • Moisture travels upwards through capillary action, as much as 14 to 18 gallons per day under a 1,000 square-foot house.

  • Changes in the water content of clay soils can cause up to 90% of the cracking problems in homes.

  • 4% of moisture in insulation can reduce its thermal efficiency by up to 70% and cannot be seen or felt

  • Approximately 47 tons rests on your foundation

  • Spray on basement waterproofing can dissipate into the soil within 5-15 years


Why a Basement Waterproofing Membrane how to basement waterproofing
Basement waterproofing is not something you get a 2nd chance at. basement waterproofing draintile products manufacturer protects your home in ways basement waterproofing spray applications only dream about.

waterproofing the basement
dimpled membrane allows your home to shift and settle as well as bridging gaps and cracks effortlessly without affecting its performance. It also removes 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure off the face of the wall, provides a drainage path for moisture, is environmentally friendly and expected to last 300 years buried.

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membrane works

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